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Sometimes sketches can just be two people talking. And that’s fine, but why are we watching it instead of listening to it, then? A good sketch has funny dialogue, but a great sketch has funny dialogue AND visuals that contribute to the game. So let’s learn how to master both!

The talented and hilarious Rekha Shankar (College Humor, Astronomy Club, Between Two Ferns: The Movie, Aunty Donna’s House) will help you draft, polish and punch-up sketches for visual-joke potential, leaving you with a sketch ready to shoot. The class is three weeks and is pay-what-you-can, suggested $40.


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Wednesday 2-4pm (July 8th – 22nd)

3 reviews for Master Video Sketch with Rekha Shankar

  1. Yiannis Cove

    I had so much fun in this class! Rekha is a great sketch teacher. I learned a ton about how to go from idea through to a fully formed visual sketch that was ready to be made once the classes were done.

  2. Cathal Power (verified owner)

    Rekha’s the best. She gives super clear, super funny notes, and she really cultivates a safe and happy atmosphere in class.

  3. Zach Jobe (verified owner)

    This class was fantastic! Rekha is a very smart, funny teacher and a great communicator. She really made class a lot of fun. I appreciated the focus and perspectives on Visual story telling. I’d highly recommend it.

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