WE was created by me, Jake Jabbour in 2016. It’s my attempt at making improv accessible to everyone and eliminating the heirarchy, class or capitlist system that is so common in improv communities. It’s a work in progress and you can still be a capitalist and have funs so don’t worry. I’m an improviser (UCB Harold Night), teacher and writer in L.A. I’ve taught collegiate workshops in San Diego, San Luis Obispo, and Olympia. I’ve taken my improv podcast, The MEAT, on two tours, one nine city tour across the U.S. and another seven city tour across Europe and Iceland. I’ve taught workshops in Phoenix, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Reykjavik, London, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Berlin. And I recently taught improv to blind daters on TV. It was weird. Ask me about it.

I was a 2010 Teach For America Corps Member, and I earned my Masters in Education Strategies from LMU. I was an educational specialist for eight years in Los Angeles.

I’ve also written a book that is not solely about improv, although it has lots of improv in it, so that’s availabile on here. As well as script services as I teach pilot writing (throught Ben Axelrad Pilot Writing) and feature script writing! Thanks!

Ok that’s it. Let’s make some great improv together! You can email me at weimprovcomedy@gmail.com if you have questions.